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Progress Report 2008-2010

1) The Victor Friedman Interview

2) Letter rebuttal by Dr. Michael C. Geokas (Rebuttal to the Victor Friedman Interview)

3) Recruiting New Members for the Think Tank - We continue to recruit New members for the Think Tank from all across the US and Canada and new members for the Advisory Board.

4) Extensive E-Mail Activity - Extensive E-Mail activity with Members and non-Members of the Think Tank for exchanging News and Commentary concerning issues of substance of the United States, Canada, and the European Union. Specifically in Eastern Mediterranean the issues of Cyprus, the Aegean, the patriarchate and the Republic of Turkey were some of the issues of considerable concern.

5) List of Mentees

6) Strong Protest to Focus Magazine

7) The Shame of Modern Greece - by Andrew Apostolou

8) Response to Andrew Apostolou by Professor M.C. Geokas

9) The 25th of March 2010 (in Greek)

10) Jewish Triumph and Greek Failure in Reparations and What Should be Done (in Greek)

11) Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa for Professor M.C.Geokas by the University of Athens June 1st 2010, by Professor Christos D. Katsetos of Drexel University, Philadelphia.

12) Speech by Dr. Michael C. Geokas at the Ceremony entitled: The Demographic Predicament of the European Union (in Greek)

Video from the Ceremony:

Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa for Professor M.C. Geokas by the University of Athens June 1st 2010 from michael geokas on Vimeo.

Photos from the Ceremony: