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DSA relies on member dues and contributions as well as on contributions of people like you who recognize the value of our work. The articles posted in our Website speak volumes about the quality of our research. Some of the key issues included in our work which might interest you, are the following:

  • The Demographic Problem of low(below the replacement level 2.1) total fertility rate (TFR), which is considered to be detrimental to EU, including the Republic of Greece, due the population aging and population imbalance between the opposite shores of the Mediterranean basin. This demographic development of course further intensifies the Migration Crisis in Europe.

  • The Traffic Safety problem with a lot of deaths and disabilities in US, the EU and especially in the Republic of Greece, due to poor driver education, aggressive driving, inadequate roadways, speeding, and impaired drivers due alcohol abuse, sleep deficit, inadequate traffic control and refusal of drivers to wear sit-belts and Helmets.

  • The long standing issue of Cyprus, the violations of the Aegean Airspace, and the problem with the name of FYROM.

  • The universal issue if Illegal immigration in the US and the EU including the Republic of Greece.

  • Our unique Mentoring effort of High School Seniors, and College Students who aspire to be admitted to a Professional School, especially those interested in Medical, Dental, Veterinary and Pharmacy Schools. The prevailing slogan in America now is this: EVERYONE WHO MAKES IT HAS A MENTOR.

  • Our commitment to Human rights, and the Democratic imperative and our strong opposition to discrimination of any kind, especially of that against women, the minorities and the handicapped.

  • The development of a strategic plan in order to unite all significant Hellenic-American Organizations under one "umbrella" leadership structure to be named: THE CONFERENCE OF PRESIDENTS which will represent large sections of our Community and will effectively present key issues of our concern to members of the US Congress and the Administration.

DSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all contributions are Tax Deductible.

Mailing Address:
2443 FAIR OAKS BLVD #170
SACRAMENTO, CA 95825-7684

For any questions please contact Chairperson of the Board / President Stathis Papanicolaou at (206) 714-8074 or DemokritosPresident@gmail.com