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Founder and Honorary President:

Michael C. Geokas, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D. (McGill)
(Em)Professor of Medicine and Biological
Chemistry University of California Davis,
Alamo, California, U.S.A.

A Brief CV of Michael C. Geokas
The Complete CV of Michael C. Geokas
Dr. Michael Geokas's Citations

    Progress Report 2008-2010
    Introduction: Two Forwards and Two Prefaces
    Symposium on Ethyl Alcohol & Disease (Forward by Dr. Geokas)
    Symposium on the Aging Process (Forward by Dr. Geokas)
    Symposium on the Aging Process (Preface by Dr. Yalow)
    Difficult Diagnoses (Preface by Dr. Geokas)

    The Famous Upward Mobility Premedical Program
    A Premedical Class with the Surgeon General US Army
    Congressional Record by The Hon. Robert Leggett
    Congressional Record by the Hon. Barbara Boxer
    Recruiting Students for Medicine:
     Annals of Internal Medicine 1989, 111:433-436.

    Part of a Premedical Class with Dean Hibbard Williams of UC, Davis
    White House Letter-Presidential Medal of Freedom.
    The New Demosthenes
    Two Lectures at the European Parliament in Brussels and a
     Most Impressive Interview in Athens

    Interview of UC, Davis Professor Michael C. Geokas at the
    TV Station Rodopis, May 1996, concerning the Demographic
    problem of the Republic of Greece

    Interview of UC, Davis Professor Michael C. Geokas April 1994,
    at Antenna TV, Thessaloniki Studio, about the Demographic
    problem of Greece, with emphasis on the role
    of the young people for its solution.

    A dynamic speech by Professor Michael C. Geokas of UC, Davis,
    at Aristotelian University in Thessaloniki, on the Demographic
    issue of Greece, in contrast with the 15 Nations of the Middle East,
     including Israel.This speech is preceded by the
    singing of a spectacular all young women’s singing group
    and the introductory remarks by Mr. Erotokritos Theotokatos.
Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa for Professor M.C.Geokas by the       University of Athens

Former First Vice-President:

(Em) State Senator Nicholas C. Petris of Oakland California, First Vice-President of Demokritos Society of America, is shown with Rosalyn S. Yalow,Ph.D., a Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology (1997). The photo was taken during a reception honoring Dr. Yalow.

Legendary Legislator with 38 Years of Service in the Assembly and Senate, State of California The Nicholas C. Petris, Health Care Research Center was established at the world renown UC, Berkeley Campus in 1999. Oakland California

A brief c.v. of (Em) State Senator Nicholas C. Petris of Oakland,CA.

Former Member at Large

A. Michael Agapos, B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D.
(Em) Professor of Finance University
of South Alabama; Financial Economist
and Expert Witness for Civil and Federal Courts
Mobile, Alabama

A brief C.V. of Dr. A. Michael Agapos